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Use Artificial Intelligence, and 30 years of Marketing Experience, to dominate your online competition.

  • Over 85% of clients maintain their programs after 12 mo’s.
  • Optimize your web campaign with Artificial Intelligence.
  • You benefit from our high-quality relevant niche partners.
  • We deliver very targeted links, in the right combination.
  • With relevant content and SEO architecture.
  • Quality links, from real, relevant websites.
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SEO is always changing

  • Google is constantly updating their algorithms.
  • There are now 100’s of ranking signals used to determine the value and relevancy of your website.
  • However, quality industry backlinks still reign supreme, with well crafted informative content a close second.

Problem; how do you get quality backlinks?

  • Google doesn’t want you to overspend buying links, or wasting time commenting on non-relevant blogs, or overload with tons of directory listings.
  • We are not a “link farm”, which has negative connotations. These are usually low quality sites, with copied or spun content with no real value.

Solution; our SEO network provides 10,000’s of high-quality industry backlinks

  • You get relevant backlinks to power your ranking.
  • These are real website owners, who add REAL web content in relevant categories.
  • The end result being high quality/trusted links that help you rank.
  • You don’t have to worry about who links to you or who you link to, because you are in control.
  • This is amazing software built over a decade with over 4 million lines of code across many servers.
  • A team of professionals always improving our internal algorithms to keep up with constant changes of SEO.
  • See the ‘Process Tab’ for more info.

Product Breakdown 
It takes several strategies to ensure improved search ranking.

On-Page SEO Strategies – All Website Platforms

  • Meta tags, titles, keywords, description
  • Canonical issues, internal linking structure
  • SEO friendly URL, site loading speed
  • Image, content, code optimization, duplicate content issue
  • Quality backlinks to improve your site traffic & ranking in Google. using “White Hat SEO” to keep your site safe from Google Panda, Penguin & Hummingbird updates.

Off-Page SEO Strategies – All Website Platforms

  • We write and submit E-zine articles on High PR, PA, DA Web 2.0 blog sites like Blogger, WordPress & Tumblr to increase your site backlinks & ranking.
  • Google & Bing webmaster tool setup
  • Search engine submissions like Google, Bing, Yahoo and more
  • High PR social submissions like Digg, Reddit, Delicious and more.

Content & Marketing Submissions

  • Valid for all website platforms
  • Content SEO article writing and website SEO content analysis
  • Content marketing & promotion with your site URL like Medium, LinkedIn, Evernote and more….
  • Mobile & desktop device submissions friendly
  • High PR press release submissions like
  • High PR Powerpoint submissions your site URL
  • Link wheel creation to index all back-links quickly.

SEO Experts Located in The USA / Our Process

  • Our dedicated SEO support team is ready to help your business increase sales conversions.
  • Our SEO campaigns include maintaining your products, services, and brand on search engines.
  • On setup day only, we update your website plugins to help fight against hacking.
  • We keep up with Google updates and changes.
  • Improve your ROI and rank your website in Google, Yahoo, Bing, AOL, YouTube and more.

Monthly Progress Reports / Our Process

  • Index & Summary
  • Monthly detailed report provided
  • Website audit, lead tracking, uptime monitoring and reporting
  • SEO health check via crawler audit with SEO status reports
  • KPI’s: Keyword tracking for both Desktop and Mobile rankings, Google Maps, Google Analytics integration and Google My Business integration.
  • Social bookmarking submissions
  • Forum posting & submissions
  • Web 2.0 submissions
  • Article submissions
  • Keywords and phrases optimized
  • Page ranking report

Steps to Success

  1. Website, audit and competitor analysis
  2. Review existing back-end links on setup day
  3. Update plugins on setup day only – protect against hackers (Optional – recurring monthly updates – ask for details)
  4. Keyword phrase research & updates
  5. On-page SEO for mobile and desktop
  6. Off-page effective SEO program
  7. Website and hosting c-panel updates
  8. Robots, sitemap & Google webmaster tool verification.
  9. Google maps and Indexing
  10. SEO perfected by Google policies

Keyword Analysis

  • Axia SEO is a fast and effective service that adds high-quality content with authority to any website.
  • When improving your rankings for a set of keywords it’s important that your website is well planned and optimized for that keyword set.
  • We address important ranking signals to determine the value and relevancy of your selected keywords.

Google Optimized

  • We’ve taken an algorithmic approach to keeping pace with Google and developed a network that helps business owners build on their existing sites, and connect with each other websites!
  • We provide the content your need to rank and authority inbound links from competitors and businesses in their category.

Mobile Optimized

  • Each year mobile devices gain more and more of the overall traffic coming to your website.
  • In some cases as much as 50% of your overall visitors view your website on their handheld devices.
  • If your website is mobile friendly then our plugin will seamlessly integrate right in to that structure, making our pages as beautiful as the rest of your website for your mobile visitors.

Custom Content

  • The network code generates and integrates vital missing content pages.
  • Relevant keyword related content is added and new pages are tagged and coded with the corresponding keywords.
  • We add a full page of content per keyword to your account with us (we do this with our writing staff).
  • This content is delivered directly to your website through our plugin.

Reporting Success

  • Robust reporting is available through the Live Link Data Report.
  • This shows links being generated, corresponding keywords, where the link appears, and relevancy scores.
  • View your site’s progress on Google, Yahoo and Bing with easy click throughs to each result.

Our Commitment to You

SEO Money Back Guarantee!
  • We offer the highest quality, yet lowest cost SEO in the industry AND we back it up with a 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • We anticipate you will rank on pages 1 thru 3 based on our 99% approval rate.
  • However, If You Don’t Rank on pages 1 thru 8 within 8 Weeks on Google, Bing or Yahoo, “You Don’t Pay.”
  • Your Money Refunded for Local SEO campaigns only. (Regional, National and Global SEO campaigns may take longer to rank.)
  • Your guarantee will begin as soon as the initial set up information from the customer has been received.
  • Cancel anytime. No contracts. Service is month to month.
  • Customer must provide a 30-day written notice (by email) to HelpDesk@Axia.Agency to cancel prior to next month’s billing cycle.

Your Guarantee Starts After We Receive…

  1. Authorization Form to Start SEO Campaign
  2. Website Login Credentials – On-Page SEO
  3. Hosting Login Credentials – C-Panel (if available)
  4. Local SEO – State, County & Cities or,Regional SEO – States & Cities or,
  5. National SEO – Priority States & Cities or,
  6. Global SEO – Priority Countries & Cities


How does SEO improve my business?

SEO is tangible work being done to the website that strengthens its foundation and makes it more appealing to Search Engines. As a result, the website ranks higher and is more visible to prospective clients on Search Engines such as Google and Bing.

What is on-page vs off-page SEO?

Any work that’s done on the actual site such as, titles, tags, descriptions, content, website structure, etc., is known as On-Page. Any work not done directly on the website, such as blog writing, link building, social sharing, bookmarking, various content and more is known as Off-Page.

What are backlinks and why are they important?

These are links done offsite that signal search engines to the targeted website. There is alot that goes into backlinking safely. The days of mass link building and black hat SEO are over. At SM, we take time and make sure the backlinks come from relevant sites that is true to the business. By doing strong backlink work, the client’s website should rank higher than their competition who is solely focused on on-page work.

What is guest blogging?

Writing interesting content on a guest blog is valuable to improve rankings. When the owner of the guest blog likes the content being written, they often include it on their own blog because they see its value to their visitors. This in turn can provide a backlink to our client’s website.

Should people do SEO if they already rank?

Absolutely! SEO is dynamic. Search rankings and results shift and change. What works today, may not tomorrow. Google is constantly updating and refining it’s algorithms. With our decades of experience and A.I. driven scripts, we keep your ads at the top better than any service available today! Good websites, are doing SEO constantly to maintain and continue improving their rankings. You may rank for your core terms, but it’s important to rank for secondary and tertiary terms as well.

Can anyone guarantee first page rankings?

No one can guarantee exactly where they will rank, but someone’s business is taking up the first page search engine real estate. By doing the right SEO work, at the correct pace, and in the proper manner, clients should expect great results.

What’s the difference between Local and National SEO?

If a business provides services nationwide it may try to rank for just the keyword. If it’s a local business it would try to rank for the keyword + the geography. So for e.g., a national chain of plumbing supplies provider would want to rank for ‘plumbing supplies’, while a local store that serves just Washington DC would want to rank for ‘plumbing supplies DC’. Local SEO is intended to get customers who live in the area to support that local business.

What are long tail keywords?

These are 3 and 4 letter targeted phrases that are beneficial to the client’s business. They can be easier to rank, but also produce strong buying results because they often convert better than generic terms.

What’s the connection between GMB and Local SEO?

Google My Business is like a directory which maintains key business information such as name, address, phone, hours of operation, map, photos, videos, categories of business, forms of payment, etc. Google gives prominence to these listings and they show up on Google SERP’s and Google maps, both on desktop and mobile. Hence having a fully completed and verified listing is very important and helps with rankings.

Can my business show up on Google Maps?

Yes, if all the relevant details are properly filled out on the Google My Business section and the site has been verified by Google, it can show on Google Maps. Adding in the extras, like videos, photos and getting reviews is advantageous to inclusion in this area of Google search.

How often does Google update it’s algorithms?

Google does not give direct answers to this, but every few months a major algorithm update seems to occur. In between, many small updates consistently appear. SM Marketing tracks over 1 million key terms allowing us to quickly see fluctuations on a wide range of businesses. By seeing this, we can evaluate what’s working best and make adjustments to campaigns.


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