Marketing Dashboard


Finally, a clear picture of your online marketing, in real-time!

  • View your entire campaign performance, track your campaigns all within a branded dashboard.
  • Includes email notifications to keep your team informed and on-page with your marketing efforts.
  • Teamwork makes the Dreamwork!
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Product Details & Options

The Dashboard

Customizable dashboard

  • Track your campaign progress with your own branded dashboard access and view campaign performance.

Trackable Keywords

  • We track up to 20 of your top keywords on the dashboard.

Local Visibility Tracking

  • We integrate and track visibility of your business in the local ecosystem which includes tracking of…
  • top 30 local search engines and directories, reviews and business mentions.

Data Analytics Integration

  • We track data on the dashboard via different analytics channels which include…
  • Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google My Business and Google AdWords.

Social Integration

  • We track social networks and provide meaningful data via…
  • Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.

Complete transparency and measurable results

  • Our powerful reporting dashboard shows you exactly where their SEO dollars are going.
  • Every SEO task performed is reported in real-time to track progress and clearly outline value.

Super Easy Set Up

  1. You provide login credentials to connect your social, Google and other accounts.
  2. You dashboard is ready to go immediately. Our highly developed dashboard makes this is very simple process.
  3. Login anytime to see your campiagns productivity in real-time.
  4. Keep your team in the loop by adding them to the email recipients list, or add users to your Dashboard.


  • Call Tracking – Local No. – $75/mo – Additional work to optimize the website.
  • Call Tracking – Toll Free No. – $100/mo –  Additional work to optimize the website.


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