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We help your business get to the top of searches on Google or Bing.

  • Our strategists create SEO targeted Ads.
  • We maximize ROI with Artificial Intelligence.
  • Customized ads showcase business location, offers, etc.
  • We have over 30 years of experience in creating effective marketing campaigns.
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PPC Management Services grow your business…

Generate high-quality traffic and increase conversions

  • There are over 3 billion searches every day.
  • Fuel your website with high-quality traffic and watch your conversions explode.
  • PPC management services can pull new customers to your business immediately.

AdWords Engages Your Target Customers

  • 64% of users are more likely to buy a product online after watching a video and YouTube, with almost 100% growth every year.
  • You might be asking yourself, “what does that have to do with Google AdWords?” YouTube advertising is managed through Google AdWords.
  • That means using AdWords provides businesses with the opportunity to get their advertisements on YouTube videos.
  • With over 4.9 billion videos being watched on YouTube each day, this provides a valuable opportunity for businesses using AdWords.

Get results instantly

  • Unlike organic search listings, you will be on the front page of Google instantly.
  • It is important to make sure you pay for clicks that convert into conversions.
  • We keep your cost per conversion low!

 You Only Pay For Results. 

  • Not only is Google AdWords affordable, but you also only pay when you get results.
  • With “pay-per-click” advertising you pay each time someone clicks on your ad. 
  • Remarketing in Google AdWords targets people who clicked on your ad in the past, but haven’t converted yet.
  • This helps you follow up and stay top-of-mind with prospective customers.

Google Ads Show Up at the Perfect Time

  • When someone searches Google, they’re looking for something at that exact moment.
  • Giving you an opportunity be in front of prospects making a buying decision.

Google Ads Show Up in the Perfect Place

  • Timing is extremely important but won’t help if your ads aren’t being shown to the customers in your local area.
  • Choose geographical targeting that will ensure your ads are only displayed to prospects in your market.
  • You can choose the mileage radius that customers will typically visit your business from.

Google AdWords Helps Guide Your SEO Strategy

  • SEO is a great investment, if your site is on page one, you don’t pay for the clicks.
  • However, SEO can take months, or years, to rank on the first page of Google.
  • You can potentially get your website visible on page 1 of Google within hours.
  • With Google AdWords you can test keywords to see if they drive sales.
  • You can use this info in your SEO strategy and invest in the right keywords.

Built-In ROI Tracking

  • There’s no point in investing in advertising if you don’t know if it’s working.
  • AdWords has built-in capabilities that both track and report on your ROI.
  • You’re able to track web form submissions, e-commerce sales, phone calls.
  • Reports will show you exactly which keywords and ads are driving the most sales.

Reporting : Bring Facebook Ads and Google Ads under one roof.

  • Pinpoint what’s making money. Live reporting and unique sales data to show true ROI.
  • We provide you with performance reporting for your ad campaigns.
  • We’re experts at interpreting what types of ads are giving you the best results.
  • Advertising Intelligence brings your online ad campaigns into ONE REPORT.
  • Uncover recipes behind rockstar campaigns, pinpoint what’s making you money.

We are PPC management experts

  • We run search engine advertising campaigns every day.
  • We have experience with best-practices regarding copy, headlines, and keywords.
  • We understand A/B split testing, conversion optimization, and retargeting.
  • Don’t spend your time trying to figure this out. You have a business to run.

Our PPC Management services help you acquire new customers fast.

  • Instant alerts, with daily URL testing, maintain TOP campaigns.
  • Global estimator tool combines proprietary tech with Google’s for clearer estimates.
  • Google Analytics integration automatically optimizes your campaigns.
  • Superior awareness & exposure. We use advanced data-driven advertising technologies to promote to the right prospects.
  • The ROI Calculator: Using Average Sale and Close Rate data from users, a precise ROI can be calculated for Google and Facebook Ads.

  • Google Ads Manager and Facebook Business Manager: Connected accounts.
  • Live ad reporting: Real-time reporting for Google Ads and Facebook Ads.
  • See what’s happening across all digital marketing channels in one place.

  • Click-to-Call Extension: call button on search results, drive qualified phone leads.
  • Callout Extension: showcase information regarding your business, product or services.
  • Location Extension: make it easy for your customers to get directions to your business.

Google Ad Campaigns

Google Search Ads

Use the Google Search Network to place ads on the search engine results pages (SERP). When your audience searches for businesses like yours, your ads will appear to direct traffic to your website.

Google Remarketing Ads

Remarketing ads are banner ads used to stay in front of your recent website visitors to increase conversions. The more times people see your brand, the more likely they are to buy.

Google Shopping Services

Google Shopping Ads are used by eCommerce businesses that are selling products online. These ads appear in the search engine results and typically drives traffic to your website at lower costs.


 PPC Management Services: Our Process

#1: Assign an Advertising Specialist to your Account

We will assign an experienced search engine advertising specialist to manage your ad campaign. This person will be trained in AdWords and highly experienced in running successful campaigns. We will first learn your business and then create a strategy that works for you.

#2: Identify Keyword Opportunities for Your Business

Spend money on the most cost-effective keywords. We will do thorough research to find opportunities for your business. Keywords are the search terms that people type into search networks when looking for something they are interested in. We research thousands of keywords and measure search traffic, competition, and costs associated to select the best keywords for your advertising campaign.

#3: Analyze Competition

Keep an eye on your competitors. We will closely evaluate what your competitors are doing in the search engines. By identifying strengths and weaknesses in their advertising efforts, we will be able to develop a smarter approach for your campaign.

#4: Ad Creation

Develop effective search engine ads. For every ad, we write the headline, copy, and target the ads at specific keywords. We will also A/B split test the ads to identify high-performing ads.

#5: Monitor Your Ads and Optimize

Identify low-performing areas of your ad campaigns fast. We will keep an eye on your campaign daily. If results begin to decline, we will detect it immediately and pause low-performing ads. In addition, we can launch new ads to keep the results coming in.

#6: Reporting and Communication

Know how your paid search advertisements are performing. Your ad specialist will prepare monthly reporting for you to review. In addition, we will install conversion tracking on your advertisements. This will report the number of conversions we are generating with our PPC management services.

Get Affordable & Effective PPC Management Pricing

  • Spending your entire budget on an agency is like buying a car without gas.
  • We don’t want you to pay us a high retainer.
  • We’d rather you pay us for the true cost of the service and spend any additional budget in paid advertising.
  • This will help us, help you.

Contract & Setup Fees

How long are the contracts?

We offer initial contract terms of 3 months. After the initial contract term is complete, your account will be serviced on a month-to-month basis. You have the option to cancel at any time with a 30 day written or digital notice. After 30 days, we will cancel all services and return any information we have back to you.

Are there any setup fees?

There is a one-time setup fee. It is primarily for getting you set up on or end to run your campaign. We will set you up in our search engine systems, analytics systems, and other administrative tasks. We would also set up necessary advertising accounts for you.

Management Fees

Our wholesale price includes a management fee that is necessary to cover the costs of running your client’s campaign. The management fee can be 20%, 15%, or 10% of your wholesale cost depending on your client’s campaign spend. Here’s our pricing breakdown for each tier:


Ad Spend Range

Management Fee


$300 – $950



$1,000 – $2,950






What type of results can I expect?

The key performance indicators we look at are website traffic and conversions. We will evaluate how much traffic your website is receiving, and how many people actually converted into the desired result.

How much traffic can I expect?

The amount of traffic each month will vary. It depends on 1) how effective we make your campaign and 2) your advertising budget. The more fuel we have in the tank, the more results we can generate for you.

How many conversions can I expect?

The number of conversions will also vary. We will be able to track the number of conversions from our ads. This will allow us to use performance data of our ad campaigns to make gradual improvements. In consideration of this, we believe your conversion rate will increase over time.

However, it is important to note that there are external factors that impact conversions that we do not control. This includes the price, product quality, website destination, and market you are competing in.

Isn’t it expensive to advertise on search engines like Google?

It can be expensive to advertise on Google. This is because they have a pay-per-click model, which means you pay each time someone clicks on your ads. However, this traffic is often of high quality. The people you are advertising to are in search of your products or services, which is often worth the price.

We recommend our clients to consider the average lifetime value of a customer for their business. Once you understand this, identify the maximum you are willing to spend to acquire one customer. With an experienced paid search manager, we believe we can help you acquire customers at a profitable rate over time.

How does my client’s ad show up in relevant searches?

Your client’s ad will only show up when relevant keywords are searched in Google’s search engine.

What keywords are selected for the campaign?

When ordering this service, you’ll have the opportunity to specify the goal of the campaign and who we should target. We also ask for the top 3 keywords/services that may be related to this business. Our team of strategists will use this information to develop a successful campaign.

How is reporting delivered?

You and your client are able to access monthly reports in Business Center.

Where will our clients be advertised?

Your clients will be advertised on the top of Google’s search results page thanks to Google Ads.

What do I need to do to get started?

The order form will have a wide range of questions concerning the type of ad you wish to create for your client.

How am I billed for these campaigns?

Digital ads require a credit card on file before we begin. First Charge Setup: The first month fee will be charged approximately 3 days before the start of the campaign. Consecutive monthly charges will be done on the same date in the corresponding month.

What does the timeline look like from order submission to campaign launch?

You will receive a confirmation email within 2 business days after the order form is submitted. A formal onboarding call is not always necessary. However, the Digital Ads team may contact you (or the advertiser directly – if you specify us to do so) during the fulfillment process to gather more information if needed.

The campaign itself will be launched within 10 days after all the required assets (i.e.: different access, logos etc) are received by our team.

Please note: An email will be sent one or two days before the campaign is set to launch advising the campaign is ready to go live.

How often can I make changes to my campaign?

After the launch of a campaign, one round of revision can be done free of cost for every 3 months. Additional revisions would incur a flat fee depending on the revisions requested.


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